Paul Meacham the life bringer from Heber Arizona was in the front row. He had been a soldier in the U.S. Army and was then a Marine infantry officer. “They said we’ve got a family member here,” said Meacham. “We’ve got seven brothers and sisters that we’ve lost,” said the pregnant, three and a half year old girl of Heber’s. She was a star athlete on the boys basketball team. She started out on baseball, and then a football team, she is now an All-American football player. Meacham said, “Well this one of the oldest, a three year old boy was killed, as was his two brothers. She just moved a month ago, to a family somewhere in Colorado.” Meacham’s sister and brother had been waiting all this while to speak with their mother about the baby. I know that many of you have been doing the same thing in the past. You’ve waited over the past few days, and even more recently, I’ve been trying to get word out about these little things like that. We have a baby girl, so this is a very sad situation.” But even though many people were out there trying to do something, I don’t have all the answers about this. Meacham said that people came to their aid to help, and that many women, who have other children, will be able to take care of her now, and go to school and work or their kids. Meacham said many of the people who helped out were elderly women in wheelchairs, from different parts of town, so you’ll never know exactly who the woman who was there for the baby and her family, came from, but she was there for everyone in this community. A local television network, KJRH, did a story last night, talking about how you can help save this little girl’s life. And I had one more thing to say on the situation. It is incredibly distressing to see so many people going about their usual, very ordinary life of caring for their families as I did for my own. I have no doubts that the church is going to find answers, and I am certain that the woman whose baby died is going to come forth with all the documents and all the information that she will need to come forward to us so we may really help her. I don’t know if the parents can find out until the family gets their final reports and so forth from the medical examiner and the coroner, and that’s going to take time and lots of time, and they are all concerned for the baby girl. We are trying to get to all the details about this baby so we can determine what to do. They’ve been so concerned that the baby’s health, that this little girl would survive, and what we can do for that girl. I have always believed that the answer is to do what we can to help someone like this. “The church can help with that,” said Meacham. Meacham and his family have been waiting for someone to help, and then, finally, to find out the answer. And now, now, the police have stepped in and arrested this suspect and taken away the two boys that Meacham’s sister had been trying to take away. As someone who was raised Catholic, I feel very blessed and humbled. God is going to bless me, and He’s going to bless all of us who go forward in His name to do what we can to try to save other people in this situation that we have. God bless America, and I just want to thank you and thank all of you that have been doing this, and now we just wait for that baby that she may have for the sake of your children and your children’s children to come out and say, yes we did get the information from the hospital that we needed to come forward, and now we just wait for the baby. She is a beautiful, a bright, and wonderful girl, and I just want to thank you all for all of your support, I think that God has given us the opportunity to do everything He can