Paul Meacham Heber AZ Rocks

Paul Meacham was on his way to the bookstore with his son when they
heard news of a small-town murder on a local news radio show. After all, they
were close to the sheriff. But it turned out the station had a big, bad guy
broadcasting live. Meacham watched news footage of the murders of a mother and
daughter and three neighbors, and he thought of the murder scenes for days:
When you watch TV, your brain makes assumptions on what you’re seeing, because
you already know about the characters’ names and the settings. You are only
thinking in terms of the events at the moment. So when a new episode starts,
you’re likely to think in terms of events from a week ago and a month ago and
five years ago. The way our brains operate, we can’t see that it happened
yesterday. So Meacham put together his own version of the murder scene, with
the same events as a year ago, but with the names reversed: The man I saw was
called James Allen. And this was an unusual man, in a way: not a big-time
criminal, just a normal guy. He didn’t kill, he couldn’t kill, but he got him
arrested. We’re sure when he got convicted of murder he was happy to let go,
because that was what he wanted, but it’s kind of hard for me to believe that
after watching the show you’re like, “Yeah, that was me.” It felt like some sort
of dream. I remember reading the description, and it said something like, “He
was a big, hairy dude that got his knifeman in the throat.” I was a little
disoriented by that description. Meacham decided to give a little extra
explanation later when asked by a reporter. “There were three people in the
house with him. They were killed in the house — it’s an eight or nine-story
building, with the two children inside. All of the kids, they’re dead now.” He
added: “There were no other people in there with him.” As it turned out, that
wasn’t very helpful, as Meacham soon realized: They did kill three people, but
that’s a lot of deaths in a small space. So it wasn’t a really good story, and
then they just killed two people without telling people anything, and all of a
sudden they’re telling me now about three people they thought were dead, who may
not have been in the house. And it’s hard for me to believe that if that were
me, I’d have this weird, distorted world view. I’m like, Wow, a lot of different
people were killed in this house — so I would be wrong on so much about this
story that I’ve read. Meacham quickly came to the conclusion that the people
who were killed weren’t dead all that long ago, because the house, the murders
happened almost right after. His investigation led him to some really
interesting facts and findings. He and his mother even had to go on a lot of
road trips, visiting a lot of different places, because the show’s makers were
constantly trying to pick up the pieces: We went to Michigan, and then we went
to New Mexico, and then we went to Arizona, and we were there all summer, going
places like Pennsylvania to the Grand Canyon. We spent quite a lot of time on
the road, and the trip ended up taking us to the bottom of the Red Sea and the
island of Crete, and the Great Wall of Heber. And in those last trips, my mom
had to take me swimming in Heber AZ. She had to use all the water, for instance,
for washing her clothes. It’s great that Meacham knew people were watching TV.
When he learned that, he felt bad for them. In later years, he told reporters
that watching TV allowed him to make up his own stories and “see other
realities” he’d never seen. In this case, it took Meacham at least 20 years to
learn what reality is — and when we think of reality, it’s typically something
like a dark room, with nothing but dead bodies and people in it. But even then,
he felt that reality was there for him to find: We’re talking about a life, of
course. It doesn’t feel like we’re doing a science experiment to find out
whether reality is real or not. But we’re exploring a lot of possibilities and
thinking about things that are not very realistic. The world is still very
different than the life we’ve been living. Advertisement He might have
discovered what he’s been looking for, but now his life is different. It’s not
like he is a reality TV star on his way to become more famous, or that he’s